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We amplify the value of IT departments by optimizing technology decisions and supporting those choices across their full lifecycle.

360 Amplification for Enterprise IT

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Technology is the heart of every competitive enterprise and delivering business value through the right technologies and experiences is the mission of every IT department.
We sit at the center of a continuum of value driven by technology, helping IT leaders navigate decisions and advocating for their best interests throughout the technology lifecycle.

We can help you see accelerated return on your IT.

Improve Your Opportunity to Maximize Your Return on IT Investments

As a Trusted Advisor to enterprise IT technology leaders, we help you make better, more informed decisions, driving the results and outcomes you need from your technology investments faster than you can alone.

The value we deliver after 1000’s of informed decisions and implementations

Deep knowledge and experience
Objective and consultative approach
Best-in-class process and project management
Leverage in negotiations and vendor accountability
Enterprises advised
of successful decisions and implementations
of Millions of dollars in savings
in Annual IT spend impacted

Services + Solutions

How We Serve our Clients

Technology Decision Making

We provide our clients with expert guidance to find, implement, and manage technology that empowers and protects your enterprise.
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Fuel Growth
Create an innovative technology strategy and infrastructure that drives business value today with flexibility and scalability to support tomorrow’s growth.
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Customer Experience
Build brand equity and loyalty with technology that engages and pleases your clients.
Security Posture icon
Security Posture
Mitigate the risks of emergent and pervasive cybersecurity threats to your network, business, and brand.
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Work From Anywhere
Implement technology that keeps you nimble in any crisis while preserving the continuity of your business.

Technology Optimization

We help our clients get the most out of their technology investment and contribute maximum value to the enterprise.
Enhanced Performace icon
Enhanced Performance
Enhance efficiency, productivity, and results with an optimized infrastructure that keeps you secure and connected to people and applications without interruption.
Lifecycle Management
Lifecycle Management
Reduce the investment of your time and resources needed to optimally manage your technology investments.
Capex to Opex icon
CapEx to OpEx
Move your IT expenses from the Capital Expenditure column to Operating Expense for maximum budget flexibility.
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Expense Management
Reallocate, reduce, or eliminate technology and infrastructure related expenses so you can do more with less and fuel innovation.

Focus Areas

Expertise in Technology

Our deep knowledge, experience, and expertise in the technology solutions and infrastructure that power enterprises lets us advise and support our clients in the following areas:
Unified Communications and UCaaS
Work from Home
Business Continuity
CCaaS and Customer Experience
Cloud Optimization

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Mission is making a Return on Your IT Investment

In an ideal world, technology empowers people and organizations to achieve more. IT departments can pay a heavy cost for that technology in terms of dollars, resources, and time, without ever seeing the full return on that investment.

Amplix strives to be a trusted advisor to business and technology leaders to help them optimize their value to the business and accelerate technology time-to-value. We do this through unbiased and data-driven selections and implementations rooted in innovation, experience, and expertise.

We are advocates for our clients’ success throughout the decision-making process and technology lifecycle, leveraging experience, tools, and proven processes to achieve and maintain an optimal state.

Start seeing your return on IT today