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Why You Need an Advocate for Your Technology Lifecycle

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Change is hard. Businesses today are battling major unforeseen challenges brought about by the rate of change in technology and a global pandemic changing workforce dynamics. All industries are faced with an explosion of new technologies, providers, and demands from the enterprise and customers. It’s a lot for any IT team to manage and nearly impossible to keep up with all the little details that could make the difference between success and failure. That is why you need an advocate.

When you’re tasked with making choices without broader industry benchmarks or specific project and vendor experience, using limited resources and information sets, the challenges become high stress, low-return events, and they burn your time and money quickly and lengthen time to value. The decision making process is complex as it is, and juggling the budget, needs, and conflicting requirements between functional groups in your company can be a tall order. Another reason you need an advocate.

Each decision can bring hours of research across many providers with different capabilities, feature sets, and potential integrations into your larger ecosystem. Your team is already stretched thin. With short time frames and scarce resources, the choices you make are strained, and with limited negotiation power and benchmarking data, you’re not getting the best fit, most cost effective solutions or optimized time to market for your organization. This is a missed opportunity to become a value center vs. a cost center to the business. If this sounds familiar, it doesn’t have to anymore. Not if you have an advocate.

We understand your challenges because we’ve worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects over our combined decades of experience, and that has led us to the solution. It’s 360 Amplification.

We become part of your team to help you solve these challenges by fighting for your best interest throughout every step of the technology lifecycle. Our clients take back much of the administrative time and resources spent on researching, designing, evaluating, implementing, and supporting the technology lifecycle.Amplix has the expertise and power to stand with your company and create tangible, accretive outcomes, measured in time to value, hours gained, budget optimization, employee and customer feedback, and general return on IT.

Our clients leverage our broad expertise in all areas of technology infrastructure to prevent costly mistakes and extract maximum value from their technology. We’re part of your team – we work alongside the excellent people that make your decisions, helping them juggle these factors and figure out the best path for you. We can help you prepare business cases and justify decisions, maximizing your ability to communicate the value of your propositions and position you as a value center.

Once we’ve laid the path together,Amplix uses our bargaining power, with 200+ clients, and our weight in the industry and knowledge of pricing benchmarks to get you the best pricing and contractual terms. Our influence gives you serious negotiating power and insight, value seen throughout your project lifecycle. 

As certified project managers,Amplix helps manage teams, timelines, and milestones, shortening the time to value using efficient implementation. We account for the shared needs of the business units in your company and your chosen provider to reach the end goal of getting your systems live and running smoothly.

We’re working toward a common outcome and tackling the same goal, which is to find the best solution fast, get it implemented seamlessly, and make sure it gets managed and supported throughout its lifecycle. That’s whyAmplix stays engaged past the contract signing and, once live, we make sure you get the value you’re supposed to out of the solution. Should trouble arise, we stand prepared to escalate any troubles or billing issues to get you faster resolution than you could on your own. 

As industry leaders, we stay on top of innovation, advising you on how to best increase your value with add-ons to your existing systems and making sure you have a roadmap that keeps you nimble and flexible so you can endure changes in the market or the world. By keeping you up to date on your technology infrastructure, upgrading as necessary is easier, preventing your systems from reaching obsoletion and mitigating the risk of making growth limiting technology investments.. 

Navigating the ever-expanding tech space can be delicate, but when you work withAmplix, you can rely on our expertise, ability, and industry power from beginning to end. That’s what 360 Amplification means for you. You could do it alone, but you shouldn’t have to. Contact us for help, and get back to doing great things. 

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