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News Update on Amplix’s Acquisition of InflowCX

Update on Amplix’s Acquisition of InflowCX

A little over 6 months ago, Amplix, together with our private equity partner Gemspring Capital, closed the acquisition of InflowCX. I wanted to take a moment to recognize this milestone by sharing an update on our progress toward integrating the companies and leveraging our combined strength to provide added value to you, a key stakeholder in our business as a customer, employee, or partner.

I said in our press release announcing the acquisition that the alignment of the two companies was “based on our shared values, customer-centric cultures, and strong commitment to elevating the customer experience.” At the time, I had no idea just how true this statement was. 

The customer-centric culture I spoke of runs deeper than I realized and has become the nexus point at which the people from each respective company have become aligned and enmeshed. 

Creating Value
This transaction was meant to be additive to our stakeholders. We wanted to ensure they weren’t losing any of the key people on either side of the business that they’ve come to rely on or any of the depth of expertise they’ve come to know. We should be creating value, not friction. 

We identified that InflowCX customers could optimize and secure their contact center operations. We also discovered that they could find cost savings in their IT spend that could free up budget for new CX technology and services that could bolster the customer experience.  

It became apparent that Amplix customers were looking for ways to improve their customer experience. While contact center solutions were always in our offering, we never had the deep expertise that InflowCX brings to the table, enabling us to go further for our customers. We now have the ability to not only sell CX platforms, but deploy them, provide professional services for optimizing and managing them, and a whole ecosystem of best-of-breed CX solutions that create efficiency, provide actionable intelligence, labor solutions, and more.

We have already been able to accomplish all of this for some customers and are working to identify others who will benefit. 

We’ve taken a pragmatic approach to the integration of operations – including back-office functions, systems, and processes. Our philosophy has been to measure twice and cut once.

After assessing the areas of greatest impact to our stakeholders we have begun the process of integrating those systems starting with our CRMs which house customer information including technology inventories, contract and billing information, and trouble ticket history. Data integrity, privacy, and security are top of mind as we move this project along, as is ensuring no disruptions.  Additionally, we are combining our own corporate networks to enable better communication and collaboration across the two brands. These projects will be ongoing throughout 2024 and into 2025. 

Speaking of our brand, we have brought in a new Chief Marketing Officer who has a great deal of experience with branding in our industry. He is in the process of assessing our brand architecture – how our business units and practice areas will be structured – as well as how these two brands will come together to become one, focusing on common values, competencies, and selling propositions. This work will guide our way forward, setting a common vision for us and aligning how we go to market with where we deliver value and our customers’ needs. We expect this process to be complete in early 2025. 

What to Expect
In one sense, you shouldn’t expect much to change. Our commitment to being customer-centric and value-focused won’t waiver. 

Where you will see change in the short term is in our efforts to bring our combined strengths and capabilities to you to help our customers and partners achieve greater success in your priority initiatives and realize extraordinary outcomes. 

For example…

In the coming weeks, you will begin to see more communication from us about our new capabilities. InflowCX customers will hear more about IT services and how they can improve contact center performance and optimize budgets. Amplix customers will hear more about how to create extraordinary customer experiences and streamline contact center operations. No sales pitch, just valuable information that has been earned over decades of combined experience, thousands of projects, and knowledge from subject matter experts. 

If you find that you’re ready now to talk about how our combined capabilities can help you, contact your Amplix/InflowCX representative or email

We will continue to add depth to our technology practices and expand our capabilities into new practice areas organically and through acquisition to be better positioned to advise our customers on the full ecosystem of technology that drives their business forward. 

Thank you for your business, and the trust and faith you’ve placed in us in the past. We will continue to earn it every day. 

Joe DeStefano

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