Scott Weiner, Keynote Speaker

Chief Technology Officer | Neueon

Scott Weiner is a visionary technology leader and strategic advisor who has spearheaded digital transformations across a diverse array of industries – from financial services and healthcare to gaming, edtech, e-commerce, and several others. Over his 30-year career, he has guided multi-million and billion-dollar enterprises, serving in executive roles like CEO, CTO, and VP of Engineering, and fractional consulting, while driving innovative solutions that harmonize people, processes, and cutting-edge technologies.

Scott’s expertise is deeply rooted in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. Early in his career at NeXT Computer under Steve Jobs, he was the youngest director tasked with mentoring Fortune 500 companies as they adopted pioneering object technology. He has also authored several seminal books on enterprise Java and client-side technologies, cementing his reputation as a leading-edge thinker and practitioner.

Scott’s impact extends  beyond the corporate world. He actively collaborates with policymakers, government entities, and congressional leaders to thoughtfully shape the trajectory of emerging technologies such as AI. His insights on generative AI have been sought out by congressional staff, and he frequently engages in policy work addressing critical issues like privacy, patent law, and regulatory frameworks. This unique cross-section of technical mastery, industry acumen, and policy influence positions Scott as an authority on leveraging AI responsibly to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business impact.