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Navigating a Migration to the Cloud 

NECC realized their AVAYA phone system was coming to the end of life on support. They knew this posed a risk to their daily operations, and budget. Wanting to mitigate that risk early, they searched for a partner to help them navigate this change. Upon doing their due diligence they decided Amplix was the best partner, and that decision paid dividends. 

The Requirements

NECC needed a partner to: 

  • Evaluate their options and make an informed decision in selecting the best technology and provider 
  • Install a new phone system across the college for all business users and adjunct professors. 
  • Utilize this opportunity to explore AI (artificial intelligence) solutions to perform call routing based on name recognition. 

The Highlights

  • Established success parameters to allow comparison of quotations. 
  • Completed a TCO assessment of the on-premise MITEL quote NECC was reviewing. 
  • Communicated, quoted, and negotiated solutions from eight UCaaS providers down to two finalists on behalf of NECC. 
  • Provided OpEx cost analysis between on-premise and cloud solutions that equated to 10% savings plus additional disaster recovery capability. 
  • Negotiated free phone hardware and 65% off implementation costs. 
  • Provided project management and ongoing management of their solution through our TotalCare managed service. 

Together, we embarked on a plan to transform their dated phone system and introduce cutting-edge solutions to help them meet the dynamic requirements of their organization. Amplix leveraged our vast experience and institutional knowledge in the UCaaS space to help NECC evaluate their options and quickly down-select to the best fit. Engaging with Amplix accelerated their speed to value and secured them significant savings. 

Better Decisions, Shorter Time to Value, Maximum Results: Get Amplix on your side today. 

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