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Optimizing Telecom and Technology Infrastructure Spend

Blue Cross Blue Shield struggled to balance day-to-day operational challenges with planning for the future, including disaster recovery. The BCBS team spent valuable time and resources trying to navigate the breadth of available options, and ultimately found it difficult to uncover cost-savings opportunities and future-proof infrastructure. As they embarked on a move to a new headquarters and data center migration, they sought to mitigate their risks and uncover cost-savings opportunities so they tapped the experts at Amplix.

The Requirements

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield needed to redesign their network architecture and evaluate new carrier options. 
  • They needed a partner with extensive knowledge of new and emerging technology and a proactive operational model who could cater to their needs, guide them through the process of choosing and procuring new technologies, and uncover cost savings in IT. 

The Highlights

  • Helped navigate the solution design and procurement of several technologies including WAN, telephony, mobility, business continuity, and disaster recovery. 
  • Implemented a TEM solution to manage their technology inventory which simplified the management of recurring invoices and identified cost-saving opportunities. 
  • Renegotiated contracts and rates, allowing them to reallocate budget to other key initiatives. 
  • Accelerated speed to value on technology transformation initiatives and freed up BCBS internal resources by taking point on projects and leveraging vendor relationships and institutional knowledge of the vendor landscape. 
  • Implemented disaster recovery solutions to ensure business continuity. 
  • BCBS was extremely satisfied with the outcome of its engagement with Amplix. They remain a long-term customer and continue to leverage the partnership as they navigate the changing technology landscape. 

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