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Provisioning Critical Technology to Every Project Site

Suffolk Construction is a nearly $5b construction firm with headquarters in Boston but manages a dynamically changing list of job sites across the country. Every new site requires internet and communications connectivity with flexibility in the contract terms. They also sought efficiency in managing these locations and disparate vendors, as well as having enhanced resiliency and support when trouble occurs. 

The Requirements

Suffolk was looking for: 

  • Access to agile, short-term, cost-effective connectivity solutions at each of their job sites. 
  • A partner to manage the lifecycle of the connectivity solutions from procurement to implementation, support, and turndown. 
  • A partner that would work to truly understand their business, and who possessed the acumen, established relationships, and resources that could be leveraged for better pricing, terms, and faster trouble resolution. 

The Highlights

  • Amplix gained a detailed understanding of Suffolk’s needs and work, using that knowledge to narrow down the field of vendors. 
  • Amplix’s combined buying power allowed us to access better rates and terms than Suffolk could get when dealing directly with vendors. 
  • Amplix saved Suffolk a significant amount of time by augmenting their existing team and taking tedious tasks off of their plate. 
  • Suffolk and Amplix designed an automated process that fit Amplix’s process into their employees’ existing workflows to initiate the procurement and provisioning of service for new job sites. 
  • Amplix’s nationwide reach and relationships with hundreds of service providers allowed them to support Suffolk’s wide geographic footprint. 
  • Suffolk was deeply impressed by Amplix’s knowledge of their business and of the vendor landscape and ability to anticipate and cater to Suffolk’s technology needs. Suffolk has since begun the process of expanding the relationship with Amplix. 

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