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Reducing Telecom Expenses by 20%

Access information systems provides integrated information systems over the lifecycle of both physical and digital documents. With a small IT ops team, they found it difficult and tedious to manage multiple bills and vendor procurement across their 150+ locations. Access was running on legacy network technology, sitting at a lower security posture than was acceptable, and experiencing overall difficulty in managing and hitting goalposts in tech and ops. 

The Requirements

Access sought a partner with comprehensive industry acumen and the ability to get to know their company well in order to drive impactful decision-making and help them: 

  • Network overhaul to improve performance and security posture. 
  • Optimize costs and create efficiency in the vendor managment system. 
  • Manage costs and streamline expense management. 
  • Select and secure new vendors and negotiate rates. 
  • Increase the speed to value of the transformation project and reduce the demand for time and resources from the Access IT team. 

The Highlights

  • Amplix helped Access implement an entirely new network, overhauling data circuit lines and other legacy technologies and implementing a new and greatly improved network, as well as increasing security posture. 
  • Amplix’s knowledge of/established relationships with vendors and combined buying power drastically increased the amount of savings Access was able to realize, allowing them to secure rates they would be unable to get on their own. 
  • Access realized an immediate ROI thanks to cost reduction and was able to reallocate budget to other initiatives including signing up for Amplix’s TotalCare to save them further time and resources in managing their network 
  • Amplix conducted regular meetings with the Access team on matters of cost and operational management, gaining insights and knowledge of the team and company that allowed them to take proactive steps and anticipate/mitigate risk. 
  • The Access team continues to leverage Amplix’s comprehensive support in expense management, security, network management, vendor relationship management and other initiatives, contributing to their 20% annual savings totaling several hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

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