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UCaaS (Unified-Communications-as-a-Service) is a critical piece of the technology stack. As legacy PBX’s get phased out, and demand for remote and mobile workforces increase, the flexibility and functionality of UCaaS is a powerful business enabler.

Amplix helps companies evaluate, purchase, implement, and support UCaaS platforms from the simplest to the most complex deployments with advanced features, call flows, and integrations like collaboration and contact center applications. We can help you quickly design the right solution, find the right vendor, get the best deal, ensure a seamless implementation and extract maximum value from your investment.

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An amazing Customer Experience (CX) can create a strategic advantage and build unmatched brand loyalty. CCaaS (Contact-Center-as-a-Service) is the technology that allows you to architect and deliver a unified omnichannel customer experience (CX) that exceeds the expectations of your clients and internal stakeholders.

Amplix can help you navigate this booming field of platforms and providers, and design a CX that puts your customer first regardless of engagement point.

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SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a leading-edge solution to many of the pain points businesses experience when using traditional networking methods. SD-WAN optimizes performance and let’s you leverage lower cost bandwidth alternatives while creating redundancies that make your business more resilient. Understanding how SD-WAN can overlay or replace your existing MPLS or IP-SEC networks, or the way it can create efficiencies for networked distributed enterprises takes experience and expertise.

Amplix understands this nascent technology and has done an outsized number of deployments, giving us the institutional knowledge of the technology, providers, use cases, and business outcomes. We can help you leverage this technology to bring value back to the enterprise.

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SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) combines the cloud networking capabilities of SD-WAN with robust Security-as-a-Service features. It essentially converges security and networking into one dynamic and scalable platform. This next-gen technology can bring a myriad of advantages to your enterprise, but only if you have the knowledge and expertise to define, evaluate, deploy, and optimize.

Amplix can help you evaluate SASE as a better solution to connecting your people and locations, creating efficiencies and securing your network, and then help you manage the lifecycle of this solution.

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Work from Home

The rapid rate of change in technology is a constant, but recently the demand for seamless work-from-home solutions has accelerated the evolution of IT architectures to ensure business continuity in a world filled with business disruptions. We now know just how critically important it is to have the technology in place that can keep the enterprise and its workforce flexible and nimble. It’s critical to performance and will be critical employee retention and recruiting going forward.

Amplix is proud to say that our clients were well positioned to ride the recent storm and the new workplace realities with their workforce at home, hybrid, or in the office thanks to the forward-thinking, cloud-based architectures that we’ve deployed with them. We can help you be prepared for the known and unknown risks to your business while maximizing employee performance and satisfaction.

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There may be no greater threat to your company, its data and brand reputation than cybercrime. And that threat changes and increases exponentially nearly every day. And that’s not hyperbole, some reports show that the cost of cybercrime to the world’s economy could go from $1 Trillion to $10.5 trillion between 2021 and 2025.

Amplix has deep knowledge and experience with multiple threat vectors and a variety of security services, from managed firewalls and IDPS to DDoS Mitigation and SIEM. We can help you create a holistic view of your environment, identify threats, and find solutions to mitigate your risks.

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Business Continuity & Cloud

We’re living in an application economy. All of the data and tools your enterprise uses for sales, marketing, operations, accounting, and more live in the cloud. This gives the enterprise efficiencies and cost savings, but also ensures accessibility and availability to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Having that data backed up and ready to restore also ensures that your business is resilient and ready to deal with whatever comes its way.

Amplix can help you develop a cloud architecture and business continuity plan to optimize, right-size, and realize all of the benefits of the cloud.

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Managed Services

For over 10 years, Amplix has helped hundreds of mid-market and large enterprises make thousands of optimized technology decisions while helping manage the lifecycle of their technology. Based out of Norwood, MA, our team has over 150 years of combined experience in the IT industry.

We act as a consultant, trusted advisor, and advocate for our clients and work on their behalf to get to the right decisions about mission critical IT, security and cloud infrastructure while providing a layer of support throughout the lifecycle of their technology – from strategy and roadmapping, to procurement and implementation, and ongoing support and management.

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