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The Advocate You Need To Maximize Your Return on IT

Through our 360 Amplification, Amplix helps IT leaders and line of business owners get the most out of their technology investment and contribute maximum value to the enterprise.

Experience + Expertise

We invest in hiring top-of-the-food-chain people with technical acumen, subject matter expertise, and a consultative approach. We partner with best-of-breed providers and ecosystem enablers, bringing to bear the lessons learned from thousands of projects, hundreds of provider relationships, hundreds of clients, and a roster of tenured individuals leading our clients to the best possible outcomes for them and their stakeholders. We are an extension of your team, an instant force multiplier to drive innovation and strategic advantage.


Creating a return on your technology investment is more than dollars and cents. There are soft dollar savings and increased value back to the company that can be hard to demonstrate. But, our impact is easily quantified across outcomes, budgets, time to market, and individual successes. You will see compressed timelines throughout the technology lifecycle, cost reduction or budget reallocation, and optimized performance in all aspects of your technology environment that we touch.


What gets measured, gets managed and data doesn’t lie. We bring our tools, institutional knowledge, and a philosophy that trust is built and earned to help you understand where you are and how to get where you want to go. With our proprietary tool, Baseline IT, we manage and maintain your technology inventory and all the associated aspects of it from terms and rates to tickets and invoices.


When we work with you as an extension of your IT team it will empower your people to focus on their core competencies. We act as an advisor and an overlay to help you track all of the moving parts of your technology lifecycle and to ensure you are making the right decisions, faster than you could alone. Our Technology Managed Services/TEM, project management/implementation support, and first-level support help you keep tight reins and our proactive approach ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

We can help you see accelerated return on your IT.